What reason is female frequent micturition lumbago

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As the pace of life is speeding up, many young women do not pay attention to maintenance in their daily life due to the lack of physiological knowledge, which will cause low back pain, frequent urination, fear of cold and other diseases. In fact, it has to be said that this is too common. If the disease does not attract the attention of patients, it will lead to other diseases when it is serious, causing unimaginable consequences. So young female patients must pay attention to maintenance, in peacetime can be more to the doctor for communication, consultation, if found symptoms need timely treatment, under the guidance of the doctor to make the disease comprehensive recovery. Let's take a look at the following.

What reason is female frequent micturition lumbago

First: young women should pay attention to keep warm in their daily life. They can take a bath in a warm water basin every day, which will have a good therapeutic effect on their illness. Can not sit in front of the computer for a long time to work, usually should pay more attention to their diet, avoid eating spicy food with irritation.

Second: young female patients in peacetime can through the physical exercise method to enhance physical fitness, improve immunity, help better blood, Qi, such as jogging, yoga, walking and so on. We should persist in carrying out and persevere. Only the spirit of pleasure, in order to better cooperate with the treatment, to achieve the best effect.

Third: patients can go to Zhengguo hospital for urine routine, morning urine bacterial culture, urinary ultrasound and residual urine determination. Do not rule out urinary tract infection, such as chronic pyelonephritis, chronic cystitis and so on! Please carry out systematic treatment under the guidance and suggestion of the doctor. Early diagnosis and treatment will help the patient.

matters needing attention

Because of gender and other reasons, young female patients are reluctant to consult in some cases and miss the best treatment opportunity, which is likely to delay the illness and lead to serious illness. So patients must correctly treat the cause, must go to the regular hospital, actively cooperate with the treatment under the doctor's advice, so as to achieve the best treatment effect