How does cardiac neurosis do

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Cardiac neurosis is a kind of anxiety disorder, patients often accompanied by symptoms of depression, this disease is relatively slow to get better, there are many reasons for this disease, let me tell you how to do cardiac neurosis.

How does cardiac neurosis do

Method 1: cognitive therapy: cognitive therapy is to help patients to have a specific understanding of the disease, or to change some incorrect views of the disease, so as to achieve the purpose of treating patients, so that patients can improve and eliminate some bad emotions, so that patients can recover as soon as possible.

Method 2: supportive psychotherapy: through encouragement and comfort, let the patients know that they are not alone in the fight against the disease, let the patients establish the courage and confidence to overcome the disease, and then achieve the effect of slowly curing the patients, which requires the family members to encourage and comfort the patients.

Method 3: behavior therapy: in the process of treatment, give patients an appropriate reward or punishment to improve their behavior. At the same time of treatment, the attitude and emotion of patients will slowly change, so as to achieve the effect of treatment, and then let patients recover slowly.

matters needing attention

The majority of cardiac neurosis is not organic heart disease, usually pay attention to maintain a happy mood, relax themselves, active treatment, there will be better.