Do you get fat by drinking beer at night

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Winter vacation is coming soon, and all kinds of parties are coming. It's hard to avoid drinking at parties with classmates and friends. Sometimes I drink until night, and most of the drinking is beer. But I'm losing weight recently, so I want to ask if I can get fat if I drink beer at night? If I gain weight by drinking beer at night, I may have to be moderate in drinking, so I would like to ask if it is true that I gain weight by drinking beer at night?

Do you get fat by drinking beer at night

First of all, for this answer, I want to tell you that beer will not get fat, but it also has a certain amount. If you drink too much beer, you may get fat, so you should drink beer in an appropriate amount, and drinking too much wine is not good for your health.

Second: because the calories contained in beer are also very small, his alcohol degree is also very low, and he said that there are not many nutrients, he only has a little protein and sugar, so it is not easy to gain weight when drinking a small amount of beer, so there is no need to worry too much.

Third: in fact, appropriate and certain amount of beer is good for our body. Some scientific research shows that drinking a small amount of beer has the effect of losing weight, because beer can increase appetite and ensure the amount of heat our body needs. However, more beer is not only bad for losing weight, but also bad for teeth.

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Drinking beer at night is not easy to get fat, but if the excessive use of beer, it is not only bad for people's health, but also bad for teeth, so beer should be moderate.