What can dysmenorrhea drink

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Menstruation is every woman's secret, those days are all kinds of discomfort, severe point will be menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea, and even other complications. So when it comes to the days of the month, many young women want to take supplements to relieve their physical discomfort. Well, here is a brief introduction of several kinds of soup drinks for the reference of the sisters who are deeply poisoned by Aunt Yue.

What can dysmenorrhea drink

Jujube and peanut soup. Peanuts and red dates soak for 1 hour first. If you have a bad stomach, red dates can be soaked and peeled (because the skin of red dates is hard and can hurt the stomach wall). Then put the peanuts and red dates into the water, boil them in high heat, add Leonurus, boil them in low heat for more than half an hour, and add brown sugar to taste. It can nourish blood, replenish blood, replenish qi, activate blood circulation, regulate menstruation and increase body resistance.

Black fungus lotus root soup: wash lotus root, white radish, Eclipta and Auricularia. Soak Auricularia auricula on one side, slice lotus root, cut white radish into pieces, and cut Eclipta into small sections. Then several ingredients together into the water to boil, after the water boils, change the low heat to boil more than half an hour, can add appropriate amount of brown sugar seasoning. It is suitable for menorrhagia, anemia and body deficiency.

Ginger jujube brown sugar water: dry ginger 30g, cassia twig 5g, jujube 30g, wash, dry ginger cut, jujube to the core, you can soak in advance, spleen and stomach bad can peel the jujube skin, and then add brown sugar 30g to boil, water boil again after more than 15 minutes. Wenjing powder is suitable for food therapy and cold dysmenorrhea.

matters needing attention

At ordinary times and before menstruation, we should pay attention to mental recuperation, relieve ideological concerns, avoid mental tension and eliminate fear. Menstruation should be warm to prevent the invasion of cold evil.