Symptoms of breast milk diarrhea?

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Maternal diarrhea refers to diarrhea caused by breast-feeding. Babies during breast-feeding are more likely to have breast-feeding diarrhea. There are many reasons for breast-feeding diarrhea. Today I will share with you the symptoms of breast-feeding diarrhea?

Symptoms of breast milk diarrhea?

Breast-feeding diarrhea has obvious characteristics, such diarrhea usually defecate 3 to 7 times a day, the stool is frothy and watery, with a special odor, with a slight green, foam and breast, sometimes with a strip of transparent mucus.

There is no fever, no obvious pain and distress, no abnormal infection in stool test, no other symptoms of diarrhea, the baby's spirit and appetite are good, and the time of diarrhea is relatively long, there is no obvious change in weight. If a long time will affect the normal development of the baby, need timely treatment.

Generally light physiological diarrhea without treatment, can continue to feed the baby milk. Baby will gradually adapt to the prostaglandins in breast milk, lactase will gradually mature, enzyme activity will increase, will gradually decompose, digest and absorb lactose, and gradually improve with the increase.

matters needing attention

Breast milk diarrhea is mainly characterized by diarrhea and abdominal pain. During the period of suffering from diarrhea, patients will have symptoms such as weakness, loss of appetite and dizziness. Patients in severe period will directly lead to collapse and paralysis, and the most serious will lead to death. Generally speaking, the prevention of diarrhea should start from daily life. For example, in diet, do not eat rotten or expired items, such as eggs, leftovers, leftovers and dairy products. These items contain a certain amount of bacteria. If you eat these items, it is easy to cause diarrhea. Items such as leftovers and leftovers must be heated before eating.