Do you know the specific symptoms of vitiligo

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Recently, I don't know what's going on. Some white spots grow on my skin every day. I thought they would disappear in a few days. I didn't expect that the longer they grow, the more. Now I'll introduce the specific symptoms of vitiligo to you. Do you know.

Do you know the specific symptoms of vitiligo

Symptom 1: white plaque volume: before the white spot will infect some other new spots, before the white spot development of new white spots, and in the emergence of new spots, next to the formation of new spots, repeatedly began to form. White spots appear again and again, and transfer. In this way, the white spots of vitiligo gradually become larger. Later, it will become the shape of the map, which is one of the symptoms of vitiligo spreading.

Symptom 2: white spots around significant: vitiligo, white spots around is not easy to see. In the repeated onset of vitiligo, vitiligo around will be more significant, and white spots around the formation of depigmentation ring, showing a complete ring. And this pigment loss ring is very irregular. Like a star, extending from the outside.

Symptom 3: the color of white spots becomes pale: when vitiligo is formed, the color of white spots is not easy to find, especially for people with very white skin, it is not easy to find when vitiligo occurs. But to the stage of vitiligo development. Vitiligo white spot color will become very shallow, with the development of time, will form cloud white color, and then form porcelain white, which also belongs to the symptoms of vitiligo diffusion period.

matters needing attention

The biggest characteristic of vitiligo is good spread, patients should understand the cause of the spread of leukoplakia, timely measures to control the disease, the spread of vitiligo and not timely treatment, improper diet, improper medicine, skin trauma, sun exposure have a great relationship.