Where is premature ejaculation treated

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Impotence and premature ejaculation is a very serious disease, patients often feel very low self-esteem, and there will be family quarrels and broken, so we must treat as soon as possible, let's share where to treat premature ejaculation.

Where is premature ejaculation treated

Method 1: General premature ejaculation is related to male psychology, which may be caused by excessive external psychological pressure, and women have a greater impact on men. It is suggested that if a man has premature ejaculation, the woman should take part in the treatment together. The most important purpose is to relieve the man's mental anxiety and eliminate his fear.

Method 2: as long as the correct treatment of sex, master the law of sexual life, premature ejaculation can be completely avoided. After the man has premature ejaculation, the woman must give understanding and comfort, rather than blame, which will help the man recover as soon as possible.

Method 3: after a man finds premature ejaculation, the woman must take the initiative in the process of sexual intercourse. It's better to change the position of sexual intercourse and take the woman's upper style sexual intercourse. In this way, the man's muscles will relax and the excitability will be low because he is in a passive position, so that he can reach the climax with the woman at the same time. Can also take lateral sex, such a way to save effort, small range of action, the man's excitability development is slow, help to delay ejaculation.

matters needing attention

Keep a good mood, and strive to create a warm, good family atmosphere and quiet sex life environment. Every time you have sex, don't be nervous or anxious. The more nervous you are, the more you think about "you can't have premature ejaculation tonight". As a result, you are more likely to have premature ejaculation because you strengthen the psychological hint. At the same time, timely to the hospital for examination and treatment, can avoid some unnecessary trouble.