How does serious mammary gland hyperplasia do

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My breast hyperplasia, both sides of the pain, do not dare to touch. Later, I went to the hospital for treatment for a period of time. Now I'll talk about how to deal with the serious hyperplasia of mammary glands, which everyone is very concerned about.

How does serious mammary gland hyperplasia do

First: the treatment of breast hyperplasia disease 1: drug treatment, for the treatment of this disease, the most commonly used method is drug treatment, patients can use some hormone drugs to treat breast hyperplasia, although this method can alleviate the disease, but the hormone has side effects on patients.

Second: the treatment of breast hyperplasia disease two: surgical treatment, is generally used for very serious patients, the degree of damage to the patient's body is very large, and there is a certain possibility of recurrence after surgery, so patients should carefully consider the choice of treatment methods.

Third: the treatment of breast hyperplasia disease three: Traditional Chinese medicine treatment, Chinese medicine conditioning effect although relatively slow, but can fundamentally treat this disease, Chinese medicine for endocrine conditioning effect is very good, and the side effect is small, as long as patients adhere to medication will have good curative effect.

matters needing attention

If the symptoms of hyperplastic nodules are not obvious, or the symptoms are relatively mild, they can be treated by diet. Many people say that royal jelly contains some hormone ingredients, but there is no honey. In fact, when suffering from hyperplasia of mammary glands, it is better not to eat honey.