What reason is vulva virus wart

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Vulvar verruca virus in life can not be more normal, there are many causes of vulvar verruca virus, since two months ago I found my vulva special itching. And I always itch when I go to bed at night. Sometimes when you touch it with your hand, you will feel very hot. Some time ago, I took a look in the mirror and found that there were a lot of warts in the vulva, which were very dense, and these two days were even more. Now tell you about the cause of vulvar virus warts.

What reason is vulva virus wart

First: the general viral infection will have, trichomonal bacterial virus infection, Candida bacterial virus infection or vulvovaginitis and other symptoms can cause vulvar pruritus and other symptoms, in the vulvar pruritus, first check whether you have the above bacterial virus infection.

Second: whether it's the drug allergic reaction caused by taking any medicine recently, or the body's allergic reaction to some chemical substance, first check the personal things you just changed to see if it's caused by these things.

Third: there is also a common life and health habits to cause, whether the recent diet has a lot of eating some spicy or alcohol phenomenon, or health is not good, socks or underwear together to wash, may cause vulvar pruritus. So a good living habit is very important.

matters needing attention

Female patients suffering from sexually transmitted diseases must go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible. If the delay time does not go to the hospital for treatment, it will have a lot of trouble for later childbearing, and may cause symptoms of female infertility.