Symptoms of vitiligo in children

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When my child just suffered from vitiligo, although he tried a lot of methods, the treatment effect was not very good at that time. Later he realized that in addition to the methods, he also needed patience. Let's take a look at the symptoms of children with vitiligo.

Symptoms of vitiligo in children

Symptom 1: in the early stage of vitiligo, the decolorization degree of white spots is light, and the boundary with the surrounding normal skin is blurred. The lesions are localized loss spots of different sizes, such as porcelain white, clear boundary, the edge pigment is thicker than the normal skin color, and there are temporary inflammatory halos around the new lesions.

Symptom 2: the surface of leukoplakia is smooth without dandruff, most of them have no self-conscious symptoms, no pain and no itching, and a few patients will feel itchy. Leukoplakia is more sensitive to sunlight or ultraviolet rays. After exposure to the sun, there are burning pain, redness (erythema), blisters, and itching.

Symptom 3: there is a latent period of vitiligo, the disease does not develop temporarily, does not mean that the future will not develop. Once the patient's cold, bad mood, external environment stimulation and other factors lead to viscera dysfunction, body immunity decline, the disease will continue to develop.

matters needing attention

In the early stage of the disease, the lesion area of vitiligo is relatively small, and the patient's condition is not very serious. At this time, the difficulty of vitiligo treatment is relatively small, and the patient's condition is easy to control, which is a better period for the recovery of healthy vitiligo.