What is the augural symptom of psoriasis

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Psoriasis is a very common skin disease, got psoriasis can not be taken lightly, the most important thing is early diagnosis and treatment, the main feature of the disease is that the skin will appear large erythema, there will be silver white dandruff. This kind of skin disease generally occurs in the spring season, which has a serious impact on the patient's body. Understanding the symptoms of psoriasis can help everyone to prevent. Let's get to know.

What is the augural symptom of psoriasis

First: psoriasis generally occurs in the scalp, trunk, limbs extended side, is in the skin red papules, gradually expanded into patches or plaques, these are more common early symptoms of psoriasis.

Second: the surface of the skin is covered with dry silver scales, gently scrape off the scales, small pieces of blood can be seen. On the surface of the papules, there are thick silver white phosphorous particles with irregular appearance. Some of them have the appearance of map or island. Some of them have smaller and more lesions, showing the appearance of stars all over the sky.

Third: it is characterized by the repeated appearance of multi-layer silver white dry scales on the erythema. Psoriasis is not only harmful to the body, but also affects the appearance of patients because of the silvery scales, which makes the patients suffer from inner trauma. The early symptoms of psoriasis are mainly needle or mung bean size red spot rash, gradually expanding, some spot rash separated from each other to form patches.

matters needing attention

If there are symptoms of psoriasis, we must go to the regular hospital for examination and treatment in time. Early treatment plays a great role in controlling the development of the disease. In addition, in the treatment must also choose a good hospital can be completely cured.