Got acuteness wet wart to be able to heal oneself

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The diagnosis and treatment of condyloma acuminatum is very much, only after accurate accurate diagnosis can scientific treatment, especially now there are many treatment methods, more common treatment methods have drug treatment, but can only be said to be simple treatment, can not simply use drug treatment, the effect is not very ideal, it is recommended that a variety of methods for joint treatment. Now let's talk about the self-healing of condyloma acuminatum.

Got acuteness wet wart to be able to heal oneself

The first step: condyloma acuminatum can not only be transmitted through sexual contact, but also can be indirectly transmitted by family members or friends through the bath towel, bathtub, underwear, etc. contaminated with the virus. So in life, we should pay attention to personal hygiene, do not share public goods, such as chopsticks, towel, toilet, etc., active treatment, no infectious after cure.

Step 2: prevent contact infection: do not use other people's underwear, swimsuit and bathtub. In the public bath, do not wash the basin, advocate the shower, do not directly sit on the bath chair after bathing. Try to use squatting toilet in public toilet. Wash your hands with soap before going to the toilet. Do not swim in the swimming pool with high density and lax disinfection.  

Step 3: pay attention to personal hygiene: daily cleaning vulva, change underwear, personal underwear separate cleaning. Even among family members, one basin for each person should be used separately. Resolutely put an end to sexual disorder: 60% of patients with condyloma acuminatum are infected through sexual contact.

matters needing attention

The occurrence of condyloma acuminatum can be said to be a more serious sexually transmitted disease, seriously hurt the health of patients' friends, but also bring harm to their families, so we must treat it in time.