Where is the best hospital to treat cerebral palsy

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During the period of pregnancy, women also need to carry out various pregnancy examinations in time to minimize the probability of giving birth to children with cerebral palsy. Of course, if they give birth to children with cerebral palsy, parents should not be discouraged. They should be treated in time and rehabilitated in time. Now let's talk about where is the best hospital for the treatment of cerebral palsy.

Where is the best hospital to treat cerebral palsy

The first step: occupational therapy: is to restore the function of patients, purposefully and purposefully from the activities of daily life, occupational labor, cognitive activities to select some jobs for training patients, in order to alleviate symptoms and improve function.

The second step: as for the treatment method, you now listen to me, it needs you to supplement nutrients, the correction of language disorders: by the respiratory system, vibration system, resonance system, under the control of the central nervous system, they cooperate to complete the function of language. If it's convenient, go to the nearest hospital for examination.

The third step: comprehensive rehabilitation treatment: such as sports therapy, including gross exercise, fine exercise, balance ability and coordination ability training; such as crawling, purposeful identification (nose, ear, etc.), training grasping, holding, sitting up, swinging, walking (back against the wall, facing the wall), in-situ movement (bending to pick up things, foot lifting training, single foot independence, in-situ jump), walking and running; Another example is physical therapy, including nerve electrical stimulation therapy.

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The treatment of cerebral palsy using stem cell transplantation method is currently the most respected by medical experts, because this method of treatment of cerebral palsy is the best for sick children, and there will be no sequelae.