What reason is palpitation retch?

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Retching is a phenomenon that many people have encountered. There are many reasons for retching symptoms, mainly due to gastrointestinal diseases and chronic pharyngitis. Retching will bring very uncomfortable physiological experience to patients, and will also cause damage to the patient's cardia, affect the normal eating. Long term retching will also lead to gastrointestinal digestive function weakening, There is too much acid in the stomach, so timely diagnosis and symptomatic treatment are needed to relieve the discomfort symptoms of patients, and also pay attention to the time of retching in order to determine the cause. What reason is palpitation retch? Let's talk about it

What reason is palpitation retch?

First: the main cause of retching is that the patient may suffer from gastrointestinal digestive discomfort, flatulence, stomachache and other symptoms, which has a great impact on the patient's body, and also leads to the expansion of throat blood vessels and the rise of blood pressure.

Second: Patients with retching may also be related to the attack of chronic pharyngitis, many patients with chronic pharyngitis will appear in the morning throat swelling, cough, retching, such patients need timely treatment, otherwise it will cause upper respiratory tract related diseases.

Third: retching attack when patients need to pay attention to timely grasp the cause of retching, it is likely to be caused by psychological effect, which requires patients to pay attention to maintain food hygiene and psychological stability, do not have psychological dependence on throat drugs, need to take the initiative to overcome.

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When the symptoms of retching attack, patients need to seek medical treatment in time, to avoid the influence of retching on blood pressure and mood before getting up in the morning and going to bed, especially some patients' physical quality is not high, more need to alleviate the discomfort of retching.