The harm of renal puncture

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From August to now, I went to the hospital regularly to test urine and blood. Later, I had a kidney puncture. Now, after treatment, my condition is under control. Many people don't understand the knowledge. Here I'll tell you about the harm of renal puncture, which is a problem that everyone is concerned about.

The harm of renal puncture

First, it can be accompanied by certain complications, low back pain: the incidence rate is about 17-60%. Infection: the incidence of infection is low, mostly due to lax aseptic measures, infection around the kidney or accompanied by pyelonephritis, such as fever, severe low back pain, increased white blood cells need antibiotic treatment. Hematuria: the incidence of microscopic hematuria is almost 100%. Gross hematuria may occur when the renal puncture needle penetrates into the calyces or pelvis.

Second: hematuria, hematuria is the most common complication of renal biopsy. About 80-90% of patients have microscopic hematuria after puncture. The incidence of gross hematuria varies with the degree of puncture needle injury, accounting for about 5-50%. Generally, hematuria disappears spontaneously within 1-5 days without any treatment, and has no effect on the kidney.

Third: the patient has some vascular diseases. If there are problems due to vascular factors, you should pay special attention to such diseases as old age, severe arteriosclerosis, severe hypertension and renal aneurysm. You can't have this examination.

matters needing attention

I also want to emphasize that we should pay attention to the light diet. It is suggested that we should eat some animal and plant protein every day, so that the metabolites such as uric acid and urea nitrogen should be discharged from the kidney. Do not overeat, which will increase the burden on the kidney and is not conducive to the prevention of secondary kidney disease.