What cannot lymphatic cancer eat

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Lymphatic cancer patient should notice taboo in dietary respect, what cannot lymphatic cancer patient eat? Lymphatic cancer avoid cold, greasy, spicy, quit smoking alcohol. Should pay attention to eat more nourishing Yin light, sweet and cold body fluid food. What cannot lymphatic cancer eat? Let's have a look.

What cannot lymphatic cancer eat

In the diet, patients with lymphatic cancer should eat light, easy to digest and nutritious food, avoid cold, greasy, spicy, quit smoking alcohol.

1. Avoid coffee and other exciting drinks. 2. Avoid spicy food such as onion, garlic, ginger and cinnamon. 3. Avoid fatty, fried, moldy and pickled food. 4. Avoid eggs, seafood and other hair.

Eat less refined rice and noodles, and eat more coarse grains, corn, beans and other cereals.

matters needing attention

Eat more natural and wild food, eat less artificial reproduction and refined food; reasonable tonic can improve immunity. Some tonics such as ginseng, white fungus, red jujube, etc. have direct or indirect anti-cancer and health effects; when cooking, more use steaming, boiling, stewing, try to eat less fried, fried food.