How much can genital herpes cost cure

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Recently, I feel uncomfortable in the vulva, which is manifested by red spots around the penis and anus, burning sensation, and then forming small blisters, which are clear at first and purulent later. To the hospital examination, diagnosed with genital herpes, genital herpes how much can be cured.? Do you know anything about this? Now let's talk about how much genital herpes can be cured.

How much can genital herpes cost cure

The first factor affecting the price: drugs are only used to resist and inhibit the virus. When the virus spreads out, they can suppress and resist the virus through the drug force, but they can't kill the virus in the nucleus. Once the immunity is low, the virus will spread and relapse in the body. The cost of most patients completely cured in about 3000-5000, but the specific needs to be determined according to the condition.

The second factor affecting the price: Inspection and diagnosis fee: before treatment, we should not treat blindly, but carry out scientific and accurate quantitative and qualitative detection and analysis according to the type of virus, activity, degree of invasion, sensitivity, cross infection, etc. Inspection and diagnosis fees are formulated in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State Price Bureau, and strictly implement the unified charging standards formulated by the Ministry of health to eliminate the phenomenon of arbitrary charges.

Influencing price factor 3: the specific cost of condyloma and herpes varies from person to patient. This is because the cost of condyloma depends on the degree of infection, the sensitivity of the body, the virulence of bacteria, the site of infection, the length of infection, and whether there are complications. At the same time, it is related to the health status of patients and the different technologies and methods used, so the cost is also different.

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Several fresh fig leaves, wash and mash, add appropriate amount of vinegar, mix well into mud, apply to the affected area, and replace when dry.