Initial symptoms of erysipelas

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Erysipelas is mainly caused by the infection of group a β hemolytic streptococcus, and it is often easy for patients to be infected at the time of operation. Erysipelas involves the infection of superficial lymphatic vessels in the dermis, and it is also easy to cause skin inflammation. The common phenomena are ulcers and chaps. Erysipelas is often infected through the nostrils, followed by the cracks between the penis and toes, as well as anal infection. Patients in the treatment at the same time to prevent erysipelas complications, the main common septicemia, patients often have nausea symptoms. Let's talk about the initial symptoms of erysipelas.

Initial symptoms of erysipelas

First: Patients with erysipelas and sepsis often have serious blood poisoning symptoms, fever symptoms and even long rash, which often cause serious systemic infection. For patients with peritonitis, it is mainly due to bacterial infection or physical damage.

Second: Patients with erysipelas should pay attention to avoid stimulating foods on food, such as pepper, garlic, especially beer and baijiu. Try to avoid eating the coarse grains which are easy to digest and grass carp, mushrooms and so on.

Third: the treatment of erysipelas is mainly the right medicine, especially for some patients with fever or even poisoning symptoms. At the same time, the treatment should also prevent bronchopneumonia, which is also one of the common complications of erysipelas. The commonly used drugs are penicillin and azithromycin tablets.

matters needing attention

The treatment of erysipelas should also prevent tinea pedis. Some patients who usually have the habit of digging nose should correct this bad health habit. They should also prevent scratching when they have other skin diseases, so as not to aggravate the disease.