How does female vaginal organ ache return a responsibility

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With the increasing pressure of people's life, many women suffer from vaginal pain, which makes the patients very painful, but they don't know what's going on. Now let's talk about the problem that bothers us, hoping to help you.

How does female vaginal organ ache return a responsibility

First: first of all, I can tell you that this situation is definitely abnormal, it is likely to be the symptoms of vaginitis, but the specific vaginitis also depends on some of your other symptoms, if accompanied by leucorrhea like bean dregs, it is likely to be mycotic vaginitis

Second: then we understand that your condition is vaginitis, so we need to find a way to treat vaginitis. Xiaobian tells you not to use drugs to treat vaginitis, but to use more physical therapy. Next, Xiaobian tells you some tips

Third: got vaginitis, first of all we can wash the vagina, must use water to wash Oh, because there is a component in the lotion will damage the vaginal pH, so must use water, and often change underwear, wear cotton underwear is very important Oh

matters needing attention

In peacetime to pay attention to healthy diet, do not eat spicy food. Ensure adequate sleep and improve sleep quality. Strengthen physical exercise and improve physical quality. Pay attention to the combination of work and rest.