How to treat early hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids, anal pain after defecation, bleeding, cracks, as well as a pimple, excrement pain, for suffering from this disease should be treated as soon as possible, I will tell you about the treatment of hemorrhoids.

How to treat early hemorrhoids

Method 1: hemorrhoids were divided into internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids and mixed hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids are relatively easy to treat, and mixed hemorrhoids are relatively difficult to treat. After taking medicine, people should pay attention to their diet. Dietary habits are closely related to the treatment of hemorrhoids. A person knows that he is ill, but also continue to eat spicy food or fried food, then even if taking drugs, his disease is difficult to completely recover. For their own health, should get rid of bad eating habits, at the same time, take some effective methods to assist the treatment of disease, such as eating raw persimmon. Two or three persimmons can stop bleeding.

Method 2: hemorrhoids is not difficult to treat, the key lies in whether the treatment method is reasonable and effective. Some people will believe in folk remedies. In fact, folk prescriptions are not all untrustworthy. It's just that few people use them, and they come from the people, and few people know about them. A folk doctor once introduced a folk prescription for treating hemorrhoids. You can try it. Put more than ten Chinese prickly ash in the basin, and then reopen with boiling water. When the hot gas evaporates, sit on the basin and let the steam fumigate the affected area once a day. After a few days, the swelling and pain will be eliminated.

Method 3: This is a headache for many men and women. Because people of any age and gender will suffer from hemorrhoids, especially white-collar workers. Although hemorrhoids is not a serious disease, it will not have a serious impact on their own health. But long-term bloody stool, people will be anemia, and anemia is weak. Weak people have low resistance and are prone to other diseases. Therefore, in order to cure the disease, people can take some effective treatment methods, such as slicing potatoes, applying them to the affected area before going to bed, and taking them off the next day.

matters needing attention

The treatment of hemorrhoids should first keep the stool unobstructed, eat easy to digest, less dregs of food. Diet should be thick and thin, drink less tea, coffee, wine and less spicy food, in order to reduce the stimulation of anal canal. After defecation to warm water sitz bath, local application of Hemorrhoids Suppository or hemorrhoids cream.