What are the specific symptoms of menopause

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At present, climacteric syndrome is particularly common, there will be a considerable number of factors that lead to the occurrence of climacteric syndrome, will disturb the daily life of female friends, we should seriously understand the symptoms of climacteric syndrome, and the emergence of the disease should pay attention to active treatment, to see what the symptoms of the disease is.

What are the specific symptoms of menopause

1. Psychological change. This is a common symptom of climacteric syndrome. Friends of patients often have a sense of loneliness, emptiness and loneliness, or a sense of hypochondriasis and near death. Many people give up and blame themselves for their crimes. Some people are suspicious and nervous. These psychological disorders are sometimes quite prominent and need to be differentiated from neuropsychiatric diseases. Abnormal sensation. This is also common in the symptoms of climacteric syndrome, the main sensory abnormalities include: floating feeling when walking, drunk feeling, dizziness or fear when climbing. Sometimes the skin has abnormal sensation, such as walking ants or itching.

2. Palpitation, also known as palpitation, is one of the most common symptoms of menopausal syndrome. Menopausal women say that this kind of feeling is like "guilty conscience", it is not a taste. When the outside world has a sudden sound, sometimes the movement is not big, but I feel a flustered, heart "suddenly suddenly" to jump non-stop, it takes a long time to gradually calm down. Repeated ECG examination, 24-hour ECG, and even treadmill exercise test, the results are often normal, at best when the performance of sinus tachycardia attack.

3. Backache is an early symptom of osteoporosis in menopausal women. Studies have shown that the symptoms of climacteric syndrome are different, most of which are caused by the persistent tension of erector spinae. Early bone loss mostly occurs in the spine. Under the action of gravity, the spine tends to be compressed, which makes people feel more comfortable when they are bent and hunched. However, people are always used to straighten their waists, so the erector spinae muscle must be continuously tense to fight against this compression tendency. Over time, muscle contraction does not alleviate, then backache. If osteoporosis continues to develop, osteoporotic fracture may occur.

matters needing attention

After reading the above content, we have a clear understanding of the symptoms of climacteric syndrome. The disease will hinder the life of female friends and hurt their mental health. Friends need to know more about the symptoms of climacteric syndrome and pay attention to timely treatment after the disease.