How does breast nodule do

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Now many women due to work pressure, or family and other different reasons will cause physical diseases, especially gynecological diseases, some women have breast nodules, let's talk about how to do breast nodules.

How does breast nodule do

First: hot towel. After taking a bath every day, apply a hot towel to your chest until your skin turns slightly red. A friend tried this way. She used to be big and said she felt smaller. Happy mood. Mood is very important. Nowadays, women have many chest problems, which are mostly related to their mood. They are under great pressure, so they are especially easy to grow things. Good mood is the best medicine.

Second: pinch axillary acupoints. Every day before going to bed, I can pinch my armpit hard, which makes me feel painful. This is what I saw in other places. I've tried it. Anyway, pinching will make me feel at ease. I think it's really effective. The treatment of breast nodules is mainly symptomatic, which can be regulated by traditional Chinese medicine or Chinese patent medicine, including soothing the liver and regulating qi, harmonizing Chong Ren and regulating ovarian function. For localized cystic hyperplasia of the breast, it should be reexamined within 7-10 days after menstruation. If the mass becomes soft, shrinks or subsides, it can be observed and treated with traditional Chinese medicine.

Third: due to the imbalance of estrogen secretion. Menstruation, pregnancy, feeding are affected, the disease is light, heavy, light without treatment, can be observed, pay attention to diet: do not eat barbecue, fried, puffed food; avoid exposure to radiation; do not abuse hormones, use less hormone containing cosmetics; avoid depression, psychological tension. The choice of bra should be moderate, not too tight. Heavy can use Chinese medicine conditioning: Ruan tablets, Rupixiao, Xiaoyao pills, Rukang tablets can be. Pay attention to relax at ordinary times.

matters needing attention

Breast nodules female friends must not be careless, to timely inspection and treatment, if the situation is not serious, after a period of conditioning will generally be better, but we all have to go through the correct treatment, usually keep a happy mood.