If pregnant woman suffers from urinary incontinence how to return a responsibility

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Many women will have some symptoms of physical discomfort after pregnancy, such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, etc. as the fetus grows up and oppresses the bladder, some pregnant women will also have urinary incontinence, which brings them great trouble, but don't worry. This is a common phenomenon, which will disappear after childbirth, Urinary incontinence can not be controlled by consciousness urination function, urine flow out involuntarily, so how to solve urinary incontinence of pregnant women? Now let's have a look!

If pregnant woman suffers from urinary incontinence how to return a responsibility

First: This coolness is a very common natural reaction in women's late pregnancy, which is caused by the compression of the bladder caused by fetal enlargement. Therefore, the closer the late pregnancy is, the more frequent the urination is. Don't worry too much. It's not a serious disease that can disappear after delivery.

Second: if urinary incontinence is serious, it may have a certain relationship with vaginitis. For the sake of insurance, it's better to go to a regular hospital and let the doctor check it. After eliminating vaginitis, there is no need for special treatment. Usually, you can pay more attention to it. Try not to hold your urine and urinate in time.

Third: during pregnancy, vaginal secretions are more, if you do not pay attention to cleaning, the vaginal environment is humid, it is easy to breed bacteria, causing gynecological inflammation, so usually we must pay attention to often use warm water to clean the vagina, wear loose and breathable underwear, can not often use sanitary pads, maintain good personal hygiene habits.

matters needing attention

Usually, try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, eat a light diet, do not eat too much spicy food that is easy to get angry, if the frequency of urination is too much, try to reduce the amount of drinking water, and go to pregnancy check-up regularly.