What traditional Chinese medicine does mammary gland hyperplasia take best

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As a woman, breast hyperplasia makes me cautious in my daily life. Usually every day is the need to use some Chinese medicine can let the disease under control. But what traditional Chinese medicine is better to mammary gland hyperplasia? Now I'll introduce to you what traditional Chinese medicine is best for hyperplasia of mammary glands.

What traditional Chinese medicine does mammary gland hyperplasia take best

First: kelp is a kind of large-scale edible algae. For women, it not only has the health functions of beauty, hairdressing and weight loss, but also can assist in the treatment of breast hyperplasia. The study found that kelp has the effect of alleviating mammary gland hyperplasia, because it contains a lot of iodine, which can promote the luteinization of ovarian follicles, adjust the endocrine imbalance, and reduce the risk of mammary gland hyperplasia.

Second: seeds and nuts, including lecithin containing soybeans and peanuts, and protein rich almonds, walnuts and sesame, which contain a lot of antioxidants, can play a very good effect. Moreover, nuts and seed foods can increase the body's intake of vitamin E, which can make breast tissue more elastic.

Third: Xiang Fu Road Road honey drink production: the Rhizoma Cyperi 20 grams, Lu Lu Tong 30 grams, 10 grams of Curcuma, 15 grams of Kumquat leaves washed, add the right amount of water, boil 30 minutes, remove the residue juice, turn the medicine juice after the temperature into honey 30 ml, stir well. Take them separately in the morning and afternoon.

matters needing attention

If mammary gland hyperplasia worsens, it will lead to many more complex problems, so we need to use Chinese medicine to control the disease every day. If we drink the right Chinese medicine which is good for our health, we can get better recovery.