Drug abortion or painless abortion

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I came here on October 28th. My menstruation has been postponed for a week. I have symptoms such as menopause, breast changes, elevated temperature and frequent urination. I bought a pregnancy test paper to show that I am pregnant. I went to have an abortion operation yesterday. In order to prevent this situation, I would like to introduce to you whether it is better to have a drug abortion or a painless abortion.

Drug abortion or painless abortion

First: you can choose the drug abortion. The damage of drug abortion to the body is less than that of induced abortion. First go to the hospital to do a B ultrasound examination, if you see intrauterine gestational sac, it can do abortion.

Second: induced abortion: abortion surgery now will choose painless abortion. Painless abortion generally refers to the induced abortion under intravenous anesthesia. The operation is simple and fast, and the patient can go to sleep in about 30 seconds. In the case of unconscious pregnant women, after about 3 minutes, the doctor can complete the operation, and the whole operation process only takes 5-7 minutes. After the operation, the pregnant woman's consciousness recovered completely and left the hospital by herself within 30 minutes. Painless abortion not only relieves the patients' physical pain and mental fear, but also allows doctors to perform the operation without interference, which is conducive to ensuring the quality of operation and reducing the complications. At present, painless artificial abortion has been widely used in clinic.

Third: in the choice of abortion and abortion, patients want to know the effect, so abortion and abortion which is good, the effect is important. The effect of drug abortion is like this, about 70% of the success rate, once there is no flow clean, you have to continue the curettage operation, otherwise it will lead to massive bleeding and other symptoms. The success rate of painless abortion is 99.9%, so the success rate is quite high. Of course, the editor points out that the premise of success is drug abortion, and the abortion is performed within the appropriate time of abortion.

matters needing attention

After abortion diet conditioning should also pay attention to: diet should not only pay attention to nutrition, but also easy to digest and absorb, but also in line with the female personal taste, in order to increase her appetite. The time of recuperation should be half a month. If she is in poor health and loses a lot of blood this time, the time of recuperation can be extended appropriately.