How does long acne return a responsibility on chin

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My sister is in a bad mood recently. She has a lot of acne on her chin. It's very ugly. My sister's mood is even more annoying, and I don't know why she has acne. Next, let me introduce to you how acne grows on her chin.

How does long acne return a responsibility on chin

First: the body endocrine disorders, facial oil secretion is exuberant, at the same time, the skin has not been thoroughly cleaned in time, resulting in pore blockage, excess fat can not be discharged, the face will appear protruding acne. Spleen deficiency in traditional Chinese medicine, fat particles are interpreted as a kind of phlegm dampness. Therefore, it is easy to grow fat particles on the face, which is the performance of the spleen is weak. Because the spleen is weak in fat and is difficult to metabolize, there is a great possibility of fat granules.

Second: often eat greasy food. Long term often eat greasy food, will make skin secretions become more viscous, not conducive to discharge, gradually accumulated in the skin will form acne. Use too greasy skin care products, eye cream or cosmetics. Some mm in order to alleviate the symptoms of dry face or wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, choose to use some too greasy skin care products or eye cream, but the skin can not say that the oil is completely and fully absorbed, and finally lead to facial skin nutrition, such a situation lasts for a period of time, it will form fat particles in the face.

Third: incorrect maintenance habits. Incorrect maintenance habits are the cause of fat granules. For example, when using cleansing products or cream or lotion, smear around the eyes, because the skin around the eyes is more delicate and soft than other parts of the face. If the skin care products are applied to the eyes, then the skin will be blocked and the fat particles will be doubled.

matters needing attention

There are many reasons for acne, which is also a very common skin problem. First of all, we should treat it with an ordinary heart. Generally speaking, it is caused by endocrine imbalance in the body. In addition, it is closely related to people's eating habits.