Four early symptoms of Parkinson's disease

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Clinically, Parkinson's disease is characterized by static tremor, bradykinesia, myotonia and postural gait disorders. Some patients may have autonomic symptoms, depression or sleep disorders. The early stage of Parkinson's disease is also known as the stage of dangerous symptoms, but some patients' clinical manifestations are not typical, and often can not be treated in time due to the wrong diagnosis, so the following four early symptoms should be vigilant.

Four early symptoms of Parkinson's disease

First, sensory disturbance. Parkinson * s patients were initially impaired in smell and autonomic nervous problems, characterized by constipation, urinary retention, frequent urination, urgency of urination, sweating, excessive sebaceous glands or persistent hypotension.

Second, sleep disorders. Insomnia is the main early symptom of Parkinson's disease, which can be divided into two categories: sleep interruption and difficulty in falling asleep. Sleep interruption is the most common initial symptom.

Third, periodic limb dyskinesia. The patient feels pain, itching, numbness and other discomfort in the deep part of the thigh, so that he has a strong desire to stand up and move it, in order to reduce this discomfort. These symptoms tend to appear at night.

matters needing attention

Early diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson's disease is very important. Standardized treatment can effectively control the progress of the disease and improve the quality of life of patients.