What are the symptoms of tuberculosis in diabetics?

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We all know that diabetes is a common disease, and diabetes is not terrible. Patients can effectively control their condition through diet conditioning and daily medication. Patients with diabetes will not pose a certain threat to human health without other complications, However, patients with diabetes may cause low immunity, and may also cause other complications, so this is the most dangerous part of diabetes, which should be paid attention to.

What are the symptoms of tuberculosis in diabetics?

Diabetes and tuberculosis may cause respiratory system abnormalities, may also lead to bronchial residual some blood clots phenomenon, may also appear more obvious hemoptysis symptoms, more serious cases may also cause hemorrhagic shock and other symptoms.

The symptoms of diabetes complicated with tuberculosis are more obvious. Some patients may have obvious night sweats, may have physical weakness, and may cause more serious lung lesions. Therefore, effective treatment is needed.

Patients with diabetes may lead to metabolic disorders, may also lead to the production of tuberculosis, diabetes and tuberculosis symptoms are more obvious, and patients may cause more serious symptoms of physical discomfort, some patients may also cause lung disease.

matters needing attention

Diabetes is a serious disease. If there are complications of tuberculosis, it may cause pulmonary infection, dyspnea and even threaten the life of patients.