Prevention of recurrence of herpangina

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Three days ago, the child had drooling, vomiting after feeding, and his temperature was 37.5 degrees. After going to the hospital, the doctor said that his mouth was rotten and he was diagnosed as herpangina, so he was treated in the hospital. Now the situation is much better. Now I would like to share my experience with you, especially about the prevention of recurrence of herpangina.

Prevention of recurrence of herpangina

First: got herpangina, if it has been ten days has not been completely cured, may be a serious virus infection in the body, or combined with bacterial infection. We need to check the blood routine to make a definite diagnosis.

Second: acyclovir, ganciclovir are relatively strong antiviral drugs, if the baby's body virus infection, still more serious, can give the baby oral.

Third: antiviral treatment is recommended, such as intramuscular injection of ribavirin, oral administration of ribavirin, Shuanghuanglian or antiviral oral liquid, and taking some anti-inflammatory drugs to prevent infection.

matters needing attention

Also need to pay attention to: in order to prevent secondary infection, local use of analgesics and antiviral drugs, must pay attention to oral health. The tableware used by children must be disinfected with boiling water to avoid contamination.