Prevention and treatment of periodontitis

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To treat periodontitis, we must know the cause of periodontitis, so that we can treat and protect the teeth after treatment. The main reason for periodontitis is that you don't clean your teeth. For example, if you don't rinse your mouth after eating, the food residue on your teeth will turn into dental plaque, and then the dental plaque will become dental calculus after calcification. Slowly, more and more dental calculus will lead to periodontitis. If you find the cause of periodontitis, you can treat it. The treatment method is actually very simple Single.

Prevention and treatment of periodontitis

First, go to the dentist to wash teeth. If the periodontitis is serious, you need to clean it several times. If you feel pain, you can take anesthetics. After washing teeth, you will feel some pain. This is a normal phenomenon. Don't worry.

Second: after tooth washing, the oral cavity and teeth should be cleaned, so as not to cause the secondary recurrence of periodontitis. The first thing is to brush teeth twice in the morning and evening, and gargle every time you eat, so as to avoid food residue. If there is, it should be cleaned in time.

Third: less use of toothpick, will make the gap between teeth bigger, you can use dental floss and mouthwash to clean up, mouthwash had better use mild, twice a day can be, more will damage the normal oral bacteria, but cause bad effect, you should pay attention to.

matters needing attention

Don't eat too hard food after tooth washing, and then you need to wash your teeth once a year. Don't eat spicy food. It's bad for the cavity. It can also cause oral fire. If you have gingival atrophy, you can eat some vitamin C or eat more fruits and vegetables.