Manifestation of climacteric syndrome in women

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I'm also an old man. Recently, I always feel that I'm in an unstable mood. I can't sleep well at night with a little things. I always have insomnia. My menstruation has changed a lot. So what are the manifestations of menopausal syndrome?

Manifestation of climacteric syndrome in women

Symptom 1: menstrual disorder. Menopause is a transitional period from middle age to old age, characterized by ovarian function degradation. At this time, the menstrual period will gradually shorten and the amount of menstruation will be less and less until menopause.

Symptom 2: skin symptoms. When people reach middle age, especially menopause, their skin will show signs of aging, with more and more wrinkles, especially the wrinkles around the corners of the eyes and lips, and the eyelids will droop.

Symptom 3: in terms of spirit and emotion, menopause is the most obvious and also the most noticeable condition. Menopausal women are very unstable, often restless, and have headache and dizziness, which are also the most feared and worried symptoms of menopausal women.

Symptom 4: insomnia and forgetfulness: female climacteric syndrome insomnia more common, performance for sleep difficulties or sleep shallow and dreamy, wake up early and so on. In addition, menopausal syndrome women will appear inattention, memory decline and other symptoms, leading to forgetfulness, work efficiency decline.

Symptom 5: the prominent symptom of climacteric syndrome is irregular menstruation, which often becomes the trouble of many climacteric women. In addition, there are palpitations, palpitations, insomnia and dreaminess, backache and backache. I hope to pay more attention to regulating the body and mood.

Symptom 6: some women will have some special symptoms related to the reduction of sex hormones during the new year, such as early hot flashes, sweating, emotional instability, irritability, etc., and late vulvar pruritus, vaginal dryness, urgency of urination, urinary incontinence, and repeated cystitis due to urogenital tract atrophy.

matters needing attention

Menopause is a stage that everyone will appear. Every woman who has reached menopause should pay attention to strengthening self-care, so as to ensure that she can smoothly go through this period of life transition.