What does knee synovitis treatment method have

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It's normal for a child to be naughty. Many years ago, a child suffered from knee synovitis, which was mainly caused by injury. At that time, he tried a lot of methods for treatment, and then gradually improved. Let's take a look at the treatment of knee synovitis.

What does knee synovitis treatment method have

First of all: let the child's legs and knees bend, the mother holds the child's toes with her left hand, and the child's heel with her right hand. Then, the mother's left hand pulls the child's toes to the left, and the mother's right hand pulls the child's heel to the right, slowly until it can't move. The strength should be soft, and let the child breathe for exhalation at the same time.

Second: the mother's hands still hold the child's toes and heels, slowly traction, let the feet return to their natural position, at the same time with inhalation. Repeat the previous steps and this step for more than ten times, and have two hours of treatment every day until the child recovers. Basically, the child's symptoms can be effectively relieved.

Finally: external application therapy for patients with synovitis, is also a good treatment. Many drugs have the effects of promoting blood circulation, relieving pain, removing blood stasis, opening orifices and bones, dispelling wind and dispersing cold, etc. the choice of specific drugs should be completed under the guidance of doctors.

matters needing attention

Synovitis patients should eat more light and digestible food, high vitamin content food and high protein food; try to eat less spicy and greasy stimulating food, usually can be appropriate for physical exercise, strengthen the physique, help to promote the recovery of synovitis.