Is breast lump OK after pregnancy

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From 2 months of pregnancy, the breast often has the feeling of pricking pain, especially at night, it is really hard to touch. Later, I went to ask an obstetrics and Gynecology expert. The expert said that this is the same normal phenomenon as pregnancy and vomiting. Let me not worry too much. Keeping a happy mood is conducive to the development of the baby. Next, let me introduce to you breast lumps after pregnancy.

Is breast lump OK after pregnancy

First: at the beginning of pregnancy, when the expectant mother is pregnant to the fifth week or so, the breast begins to show signs of nipple deepening, breast softening, and blood vessels directly below the breast becoming more and more obvious. Pregnant to 4 months or so, most of the breast has begun to grow, in addition to some slight pain, occasionally will touch the lump. Countermeasures: to use hot compress, massage and other ways to alleviate the discomfort of the breast; massage the breast gently every day to promote breast development.

Second: after pregnancy, the breast will continue to grow, discomfort disappeared. The first pregnant expectant mother, the nipple will be more delicate, sensitive, at this time the breast may begin to produce milk, so the nipple will secrete a small amount of white milk.

Third: late pregnancy, the size of the breast continues to increase, nipple distance is also increasing, swelling of course more serious. But before delivery, the rate of chest enlargement slows down.

matters needing attention

During this period, in addition to the normal cleaning, pregnant mothers can have proper nipple massage. Hold the breast with one hand, hold the breast with the thumb, index finger and middle finger of the other hand, close the three fingers, press the areola gently, then change the position and repeat the above action.