Treatment of axillary osmidrosis in children

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Recently, I feel that there is a smell under the baby's armpit. My friend said that it is axillary osmidrosis. I will give him a bath every day. I went to the hospital for treatment. After treatment, it has been improved. How about treating children's axillary osmidrosis? Now let's take a look at it!

Treatment of axillary osmidrosis in children

First, minimally invasive treatment. The minimally invasive treatment of axillary osmidrosis includes electrolysis or electrocautery, microwave and radiofrequency therapy, laser therapy and so on.

Second: in addition to surgical treatment, drug treatment can also be taken, ointment can also be applied or traditional surgical treatment can be taken.

Third: minimally invasive surgery has the advantages of small wound, no pain, short recovery time, no obvious scar under the armpit, free movement of both arms and no pulling feeling. ?

matters needing attention

Warm reminder: once you miss the spring, in the summer, when the smell of axillary odor is obvious, you want to have surgery. It's not impossible, but you should pay attention to a lot of problems.