What's the matter with male phimosis

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Andrology experts said that after the prepuce surgery, patients still need to pay attention to some matters, so as to avoid making the wound inflamed. Many patients have such questions, that is, how long can they often take a bath after the prepuce surgery. Experts said that although the prepuce surgery is a small operation, it is best to take a bath about seven to ten days after the surgery, so as not to cause infection. Now let's talk about boy phimosis. What's the matter.

What's the matter with male phimosis

Reason one: not paying attention to external genital hygiene. Due to the busy work of male friends, their own bad habits, not too much time to pay attention to the health of external genitalia, so it is easy to be invaded by bacteria. Because the sebaceous gland secretion of the prepuce of young male friends is usually relatively strong, if male friends do not pay attention to cleaning the external genitalia, or do not turn up the prepuce when cleaning, the sebaceous gland secretion of the prepuce will accumulate under the prepuce, so it will form the prepuce dirt like bean curd dregs. Prepuce scale culture bacteria cause prepuce edema.

Reason 2: masturbation injury. As young male friends have strong sexual desire, they often masturbate. Sometimes due to masturbation action is too rough, which will lead to varying degrees of foreskin damage. Because in masturbation when the spirit of high excitement, damage is relatively small, may not be aware of, but the wound on the foreskin is vulnerable to bacterial contamination, resulting in foreskin edema. The wound on the foreskin is easily contaminated by bacteria, which can lead to edema of the foreskin.

Reason 3: it may be caused by the long prepuce. If the prepuce is too long, it is easy to have bacteria, leading to prepuce edema and infection.

matters needing attention

After the operation of prepuce phimosis, you should eat more fruits and vegetables. After the operation of prepuce phimosis, the diet should be light, and you should drink about 2 liters of water every day. You should also pay attention to the method of drinking water. Drink more water during the day and less water at night. Otherwise, it will be very painful to urinate at night. You can also drink some cool herbal tea to reduce fire. Herbal tea can inhibit sexual impulse, reduce desire, and is conducive to injury The healing of the mouth.