Symptoms of female genital herpes

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Genital herpes patients in the early stage of onset, is the symptoms of macular papule, macular papule refers to the patient's body genital organs appear on the mound, so genital herpes patients will feel very itchy and other adverse feelings. And at the same time, the patient's reproductive organs will appear red and swollen and other changes. So the symptom of female genital herpes? Here we analyze the problem of genital herpes, hoping to help you get rid of the disease.

Symptoms of female genital herpes

The symptoms of female genital herpes are vulva, cervix, perianal, buttocks and so on. There are miliary papules, blisters and so on. These papules and blisters can fuse with each other and exist in pieces.

The symptom of female genital herpes is that in addition to the above symptoms, patients will also have abnormal urination and other changes. So if the patients appear after the above situation, to actively treat, so you can quickly treat the disease of genital herpes.

If the disease is diagnosed, if you want better treatment of the disease, it is recommended that patients should go to the local regular second class or third class above general hospital for treatment. For example, provincial hospitals or municipal hospitals can treat diseases very well.

matters needing attention

After suffering from the disease, in daily life, the matters needing attention are that patients with genital herpes should avoid the occurrence of unclean sexual intercourse, and do not maintain improper sexual relations and so on.