Is endometrial polyp operation painful

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Last week in the unit physical examination, found himself suffering from cervical polyps, the hospital gave me treatment a lot better, so many students to consult endometrial polyps operation pain.

Is endometrial polyp operation painful

Treatment 1: for patients over 40 years old, if bleeding symptoms are obvious, the above treatment can not be eradicated or recurrent, total hysterectomy can be considered.

Treatment 2: the use of surgical treatment of cervical dilatation, polyp removal, this method is good, after the operation must be checked regularly, worried about recurrence, timely treatment, the disease is easy to relapse, after the operation should be reviewed regularly, every three months. For patients over 40 years old, hysterectomy can be considered for those who cannot be eradicated or recur frequently.

Treatment 3: endometrial polyps can be treated with drugs, but the effect is not obvious with surgery or physical methods. The curative effect of drug treatment of endometrial polyps is not very significant, for endometrial polyps can not be effectively cured completely, the deep lesions in the cervix and cervical canal can not be completely removed, there are still recurrence and polyps can not be removed after medication.

matters needing attention

Endocrine disorder. Especially the high level of estrogen, estrogen promotes the development of vagina, uterus, fallopian tube and ovary itself, at the same time endometrial hyperplasia and menstruation. It can also promote subcutaneous fat accumulation, promote retention of sodium and water in the body, and * deposition of calcium in bone. And estrogen, whether it is secreted too much or too little, is not good, especially too high estrogen, may cause a lot of cancer.