Kidney disease wants dialysis under what circumstance

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Kidney disease is a very serious disease, I have been sick for more than a year. It has been controlled by drugs, but the doctor said that if you can't get the best treatment, it may become very serious, and he also told me about dialysis. Next, I'll tell you about the condition of dialysis for kidney disease.

Kidney disease wants dialysis under what circumstance

First: kidney disease generally needs dialysis when the creatinine reaches 707, which is also different according to the specific condition and pathology. Some patients with creatinine is not as high as you, but there are some complications can also be early dialysis, but generally do not recommend simple dialysis, can not fundamentally treat specific conditions.

Second: according to the rate of filtration, less than 10 points also need dialysis. Some people's creatinine and filtration rate are not up to the standard of dialysis, but when there are complications of uremia (such as heart failure), emergency dialysis is needed. Anuria for 2 days or oliguria for 3 days. Weight gain was more than 2.0 kg per day. Hemodialysis can be considered. But we should also consider the patient's primary disease, clinical condition, degree of anemia, heart function and urine volume.

Third: dialysis patients should cooperate with the corresponding drug treatment, in order to reduce the dialysis or have the opportunity to stop dialysis after the index is relatively stable. Long term dialysis will gradually shrink and irreversible kidney, only relying on dialysis. Kidney disease is divided into many kinds, generally to the uremic stage of renal failure, after treatment can not alleviate, it is necessary to carry out dialysis.

matters needing attention

There are many kinds of kidney disease, the body's resistance may decline a lot after kidney disease, and there may be some bad reactions in the process of dialysis. So I hope that patients in peacetime to actively cooperate with the doctor treatment, do not let their condition become serious.