Why does the baby have a birthmark

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I have a junior high school female classmate with a large birthmark on her face. When she first entered school, her academic performance was very good, but not long ago, because of the influence of the birthmark, she became willing to degenerate, and her academic performance fell out of the top 100. Later, her family took her to Hangzhou for an operation. Now the birthmark is gone and her grades are gradually improving. Let's share why the baby has a birthmark.

Why does the baby have a birthmark

Reason 1: the appearance of birthmark is clinically confirmed to have a certain relationship with heredity. Genetic factors are generally considered to be the main cause of birthmark, but there is no conclusive evidence in medicine and science.

The second reason: now the air quality is getting worse and worse, leading to the absorption of many toxic substances by the human body. After being stimulated by the external environment, the human body will appear different ways of expression, and the birthmark is one of them.

The third reason: a large number of lack of nutrition in the body is the main cause of birthmark. It is caused by the lack of zinc, copper, calcium, magnesium and other trace elements in human serum, and the serious lack of phenylalanine and tyrosine.

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The appearance of birthmarks can be divided into many kinds, such as coffee spots, nevus of Ota, port wine stains and so on. The incidence of birthmarks generally occurs at birth, and may also occur a few months after birth. Many parents don't know why birthmarks appear on their children.