Harm of continuous painless abortion

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Because of some reasons, I got pregnant again and again. I think I got pregnant three times in total, that is to say, I had abortion three times. Let's talk about the harm of continuous painless abortion.

Harm of continuous painless abortion

First: the more times painless abortion is done, the greater the harm to the body. However, the number of abortion operations is not fundamentally stipulated. There is no such standard number, but the less women have abortion, the better, otherwise it will lead to infertility.

Second: the abortion itself, the physical harm to women is great, of course, many female friends many times of abortion, the body's uterine wall will begin to be weak, more and more weak, more and more difficult to conceive, thus infertility, will also be infected with a variety of reproductive organs of the annex inflammation.

Third: these complex adnexitis, pelvic inflammatory disease and other conditions, will have a great impact on women's fertility, and women's postoperative blood loss is persistent, not only the body will be weak, resistance will decline, if you do not pay attention to health and safety, the risk of infection and infertility will also rise.

matters needing attention

Keep the regularity of life; 2. Keep the clothes loose, don't wear too tight; 3. From the second day of operation, don't overwork and exercise; 4. During this period, don't drink, and don't take a bath without the doctor's permission, because bathing can sometimes cause infection.