What symptom is drowsiness

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In this era of rapid life, people often stay up late to work overtime and fall asleep during the day. The symptom of drowsiness is that the sleep latency test includes four opportunities for 20 minute naps, which are evenly distributed in a day with an interval of two hours. Sleepy people can fall asleep in about five minutes or less. At least two of the four naps will lead to the transition to REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. In contrast, normal people generally need 12-14 minutes to fall asleep, and will not fall asleep Enter REM sleep stage. Let's see how to solve it.

What symptom is drowsiness

First: 1. It is certain that sleepiness is related to psychological and personality factors, such as bad mood during the day, excessive pressure on study and work, introverted personality, etc. Some people think that narcolepsy is a kind of negative behavior reaction to escape the pressure of real life. So everyone should be in a good mood.

Second: sleepiness may also be caused by spleen qi deficiency. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that spleen deficiency is the main cause of sleepiness, and spleen is the source of Qi and blood. In the case of spleen qi deficiency, deficiency of Qi and blood and loss of nourishment of the leader's orifices will lead to body sleepiness, fatigue and low spirits. Suggestions: it is easy to be sleepy. In this case, we can take the measures of invigorating the spleen and replenishing qi to recuperate. It is recommended to take Renshen Jianpi pill for a period of time.

Thirdly, it is suggested to exercise regularly at least 3 hours before going to bed, stop or limit taking drugs in the afternoon or at night, take a planned nap during the day and eat light meals, which can reduce the risk of excessive daytime sleepiness. Eat more fruits, drink more water and eat more vegetables. You can run in the morning. There are many advantages of running, and you can't fish for three days, and you can't bask in the net for two days. You should stick to it every day.

matters needing attention

Pay attention to the possibility of anemia, cold, myocarditis and myocardial ischemia. Suggest you do electrocardiogram to see if it is myocardial ischemia. Blood test for anemia. It is also suggested to draw blood to check whether myocardial isoenzyme is the possibility of myocarditis.