What is the harm of mammography

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Women in the physical examination, sometimes need to do breast molybdenum target this kind of examination, but there are many women will worry about the harm of this examination to the body, let's introduce whether there is harm.

What is the harm of mammography

First: in general, mammography is not harmful. It's just like normal filming. It's just a little bit of radiation.

Second, the amount of X-ray used in mammography is very small. Generally speaking, there is no harm, and there is no need to be excessively afraid.

Third: the molybdenum target has radiation. It can be done once in a while, but it must not be done for a long time, otherwise it will do some harm to the body.

matters needing attention

Mammography is very good for breast diseases, but after all, there is radiation, so it is appropriate to do once, not often.