Where can laser eliminate acne print

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Recently, I don't know what the reason is. There are a lot of acne on my face. After the acne is removed, there are a lot of acne marks. This makes me very distressed, because it really affects the beauty, so I plan to eliminate the acne marks by laser. Today, I'd like to talk with you about where laser can eliminate acne.

Where can laser eliminate acne print

First: it's best to go to a professional hospital, but some beauty salons are OK. The total course of treatment is 2-4 weeks, a total of 2-4 times, the patient easily lost to meet the curative effect. Acne, is endocrine exuberant, greasy blocked pores caused by inflammation, you can use sulfur soap to scrub acne, the effect is very good, you can also choose azithromycin treatment. Eat less fat and spicy, fried food, eat more vegetables and fruits.

Second: to remove acne print, you can try to wash your face with warm water every morning, and add some white vinegar appropriately. Drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat more vitamins, can also eat 21 jinvita. For acne scar, laser therapy can be used for the treatment of acne scar.

Third: Acne imprint and acne pit are different. If it is acne imprint, as long as there is no new acne, the original acne imprint will subside in 3-6 months, and acne pit is different. If you ignore it, it will always be with you. Acne pit needs to be solved by physical means, such as dot matrix laser, needle rolling therapy, grinding and so on, which will be greatly improved. You can consult and treat in dermatology department of local regular hospital nearby.

matters needing attention

Generally speaking, the effect of laser eliminating acne is very obvious, but in a period of time after laser eliminating acne, we must protect our skin, and do not let our skin get hurt. Because in a period of time after the laser to eliminate acne, your skin will be very fragile.