Diagram of how to do the flow of people

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In recent years, the flow rate of people in China is increasing, and there are still several "flow of people" every year. According to the statistics of relevant national departments, there are nearly 5 million cases of flow of people surgery every year, not including the cases of some black clinics. How is the operation carried out? Let me introduce the process diagram of how to do the abortion.

Diagram of how to do the flow of people

First: abortion actually refers to induced abortion, young people do not want children will do abortion. Termination of pregnancy with artificial or drug methods within 3 months of pregnancy is called early pregnancy termination, or artificial abortion. It can be used as a remedy for unexpected pregnancy due to contraceptive failure, and it can also be used for those who need to terminate pregnancy due to disease and in order to prevent congenital malformation or genetic disease.

Second, after abortion, we must pay attention to hygiene, especially the cleaning of the vulva. After abortion, the uterine orifice has not been completely closed, and the endometrium also has a repair process. Therefore, there will be bleeding at the beginning. During this period, we must frequently change sanitary napkins. The sanitary napkins used should be comfortable and soft, and the underwear should be changed frequently, so as to avoid zizizi Bacteria, because the outside environment will lead to some unsanitary inflammation. The vulva should be washed with warm water every day. It is advisable to take a shower instead of a bath to avoid vaginal infection.

Third, it should be forbidden to have sex one month after the abortion. It is easy to cause genital infection when the abortion has not recovered, because if there are bacteria hidden in the male genitals or in the female vulva and vagina, they will have an opportunity to infect the cervix, which is easy to cause some gynecological inflammation, and the harm to women is very important Yes, so it must be forbidden.

matters needing attention

Abortion is more harmful to the body, so we must have enough time to rest and take good care of the body in order to get pregnant again and ensure the healthy birth of the next baby.