How is young girl left chest colic to return a responsibility?

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It turns out that many people have chest pain. Some people think that heart disease, more people ignore. Yes, it could be a sign of coronary heart disease, but it could also be just minor chest wall pain, or stomach acid. Make it clear, then you won't panic. How is young girl left chest colic to return a responsibility? Let's talk about it.

How is young girl left chest colic to return a responsibility?

1. Pleurisy with left chest pain. If chest pain is aggravated during deep breathing or coughing, it indicates that there is inflammation in the pleura, which is more common in patients with tuberculosis or lung cancer. Patients with pleural pain will press their hands on one side of the chest wall to avoid deep breathing or inhibit coughing. Over time, chest pain may move from one location to another. In addition, if the lung tumor spreads to the chest wall or ribs, it will cause persistent and intractable chest pain, which can be diagnosed by chest X-ray or chest CT.

2. Pneumothorax with left chest pain. Some young people suddenly have chest pain when carrying heavy objects, X-ray examination found that it is "pneumothorax", this spontaneous pneumothorax is more common in young adults. The typical manifestation is sudden chest pain, accompanied by chest tightness, suffocation, cough, sometimes shortness of breath, suffocation, restlessness, cyanosis, sweating, shock, etc.

3. The characteristics of chest pain chest wall disease caused by chest pain, positioning clear, local swelling, tenderness, rash, deformity.

matters needing attention

It is suggested that people suffering from sudden angina pectoris at the lower part of the left chest should rest more at home and not go out to see the wind. They should have more rest in bed, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and drink more water, so as to recover as soon as possible.