Is prostate and haemorrhoid operation done at the same time OK

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Prostatitis and hemorrhoids these two diseases are more common, and generally need to be treated with surgery. So prostate and hemorrhoids operation at the same time do OK? Now let's introduce whether these two operations can be done at the same time.

Is prostate and haemorrhoid operation done at the same time OK

First: prostate hemorrhoids can not be operated at the same time, it is recommended to go to the general surgery, do hernia and hemorrhoids surgery, and then to the urology department to check whether the prostate is inflammation, hyperplasia or tumor, to distinguish different causes, symptomatic treatment.

Second: local hemorrhoids surgery, local anesthesia, especially the prostate is affected, there is inflammation of the prostate edema aggravated * after urethra urethra irritation symptoms, serious can occur transient urinary retention.

Third: in addition to the drugs you have taken, you should also do prostate massage and prostate physiotherapy. Don't eat spicy food. After the above treatment or not improved, we should do transurethral resection of the prostate.

matters needing attention

As can be seen from the above introduction, prostatitis surgery and hemorrhoids surgery can not be carried out at the same time, it should be carried out at the same time. In the treatment time to eat less greasy stimulating food, to pay attention to rest, avoid intense exercise.