Price of breast augmentation surgery

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Over the years, I have always felt inferior because of my small chest. Some time ago, I had a breast augmentation operation with autologous fat. Now my breast is bigger and I am more confident. I am also beautiful in clothes. I have also found a very handsome boyfriend. Now many women want to do breast augmentation surgery, but they are worried about the price. Now I will tell you how much breast augmentation surgery costs.

Price of breast augmentation surgery

First of all, the price of breast augmentation is not certain. The price of breast augmentation is related to the selected materials. Common breast augmentation techniques include prosthetic breast augmentation, autologous fat breast augmentation and injection breast augmentation. The materials used in different breast augmentation techniques are also different, resulting in different prices.

Secondly, the price of breast augmentation is related to experts. The cost of good experts must be relatively high. It is also very important to choose experts from hospitals. If you choose top doctors with rich experience in breast augmentation, the price of surgery will be higher.

Finally, different hospitals charge different fees. Generally, breast augmentation surgery is very strict. Choosing a good hospital will make breast augmentation surgery safer and more reliable. That's a good hospital. The medical equipment is relatively complete and safe, and the operation effect is relatively good, so the price will be relatively high.

matters needing attention

After breast augmentation surgery, we must pay attention not to do upper limb lifting action, if necessary, bandage can be used in the upper part of the chest; avoid lifting weights or lifting upper arms within one month after surgery, and avoid steam bath and swimming within two weeks. However, strenuous exercise can only be carried out two weeks after the operation. Take appropriate amount of vitamin E after operation. If the wound is red and swollen or there is a small amount of exudate and the subcutaneous is hard, physical therapy can be carried out.