How is hematic not painful to return a responsibility

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We all know that many health problems will affect our lives. The popular term "bloody stool" refers to bloody stool when defecating. Hematochezia is a symptom of many digestive tract diseases. When the amount of gastrointestinal bleeding is between 5ml-10ml, it is called occult blood stool. At this time, there is no blood in the appearance of stool. When the amount of bleeding is more than 60 ml, it is black stool. The causes of hematochezia may be anal or perianal lesions, or upper gastrointestinal diseases (possibly accompanied by hematemesis), lower gastrointestinal diseases. Painless bloody stool is commonly seen in upper gastrointestinal diseases. Let's take a look at the following.

How is hematic not painful to return a responsibility

First: painless hematochezia is generally more common for upper gastrointestinal diseases, such as colon polyps, ulcerative colitis, colon cancer, lower gastrointestinal may be hemorrhoids, rectal polyps. Painless hematochezia can be judged by observing the color and shape of stool. For example, black stool, tarry stool, brown stool, mucopurulent stool can be seen in upper gastrointestinal hematochezia, while bright red stool can be seen in lower gastrointestinal hematochezia.

Second: can go to the hospital to do digital rectal examination, or microscopic examination. Internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids caused by bleeding can be through medication, such as Puji Zhiquan suppository, Ma Yinglong, compound carrageenan suppository, or minimally invasive surgery, and develop a good habit of work and rest defecation to prevent hemorrhoids regeneration.

Third: 3 if the patient is older, should do colon cancer, rectal cancer screening, once it is cancer must be timely surgical resection of lesions to prevent spread, may also be ulcerative colitis. If there are polyps can go to the regular hospital minimally invasive removal, if the condition is not serious can also be drug fumigation, with Kangfuxin Liquid Immersion to accelerate wound healing.

matters needing attention

To develop good eating habits, in the three meals to increase vegetables and fruits, develop a good habit of defecation, defecation to timing, a defecation time should not be too long. Do more anal movement. Sedentary to stand up exercise, do not stand for a long time.