Seafood allergy food treatment

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Speaking of this kind of disease, we should not be very strange. Seafood is delicious and nutritious. Some people will be surprised or insipid, but not everyone can be at peace after eating it. People with food allergy may be allergic after eating seafood. You may as well blanch it with hot water before eating seafood. In addition, you should refuse alcohol and don't eat fruit immediately. Today, let me learn about seafood allergy food treatment and active treatment with you!.

Seafood allergy food treatment

First: rich in vitamin E are cabbage, cauliflower, sesame and other food. Such as sunflower seeds: rich in vitamin E can prevent inflammation, selenium can enhance immunity, reduce the occurrence of inflammation.

Second: black fungus and mushroom are also indispensable food. Then there should be appropriate outdoor activities to improve the body's disease resistance, which is of great benefit to the prevention of allergies in spring and summer.

Third: can eat some milk, fresh water fish, bean products and fresh vegetables, fruits, to enhance skin resistance. Can choose more wax gourd, job's tears, red beans, Houttuynia cordata, fried Coptis, yam soup.

matters needing attention

Use skin friendly cosmetics. In the use of cosmetics, first take a little on the skin inside the forearm, covered with clean gauze, fixed with adhesive tape, generally after 24 hours to observe whether there is a reaction, a few hours to have a reaction, the elderly will need 1 week, if there is itching, erythema, edema, that means allergic to this kind of cosmetics. In case of cosmetic dermatitis, stop using immediately. Do not use hands to scratch after skin allergy, so as not to scratch the skin and cause skin infection.