How does pregnant mouth sour water return a responsibility?

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Pantothenic acid in the mouth of pregnant women is related to the Constitution and hormones of pregnant women. It is a common pregnancy symptom. After pregnancy, the taste of pregnant women will have some subtle changes. If they eat some improper food, it is likely to cause pantothenic acid in the mouth. Today, let's learn about pregnant mouth sour water.

How does pregnant mouth sour water return a responsibility?

First: pregnant women mouth pantothenic acid may be the phenomenon of gastric reflux, pregnant women in pregnancy hormone will change, so many pregnant women in early pregnancy will appear mouth pantothenic acid, uncomfortable phenomenon, this is pregnant women in early pregnancy is a normal phenomenon. Pregnant women taste will change after pregnancy, some will love to eat sour, some like sweet, spicy. Therefore, if pregnant women eat some food that does not taste good, it is likely to cause mouth pantothenia. Pregnant women can eat some dried fruit to prevent vomiting and reduce early pregnancy reaction.

Second: pregnant women mouth acid, to eat less easy to produce acid water food, especially when eating fruit, it is best to choose the fresh fruit of the season. Pregnant women should not drink carbonated drinks, strong tea, lemon juice, wine, coffee, etc., should drink more water, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, do not eat spicy food, more nutrition. Pregnant women mouth acid may also be gastrointestinal problems, usually pay attention to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, eat easy to digest food.

Third: pregnant women mouth pantothenic acid and give birth to boys or girls is not any inevitable connection, whether pregnant with a male or female fetus, there may be mouth pantothenic acid phenomenon, is a more common pregnancy symptoms, so, can not through the mouth pantothenic acid to judge the sex of the fetus. Pregnant mother if digestion is good, do not care about it, usually pregnant mother also should pay attention to more walking, sun, keep a good mood. With the increase of the month, generally after the first three months, the mouth pantothenia will improve. Boys and girls are the mother's heart, don't care too much about the child's gender, the child's health is the most important.

matters needing attention

When pregnant women eat sour food, they should eat less foods that produce sour water, such as potatoes, so as not to stimulate the secretion of gastric acid. They should eat more fruits and vegetables, not cold food. Especially when eating fruits, it's better to choose freeze-dried fruits that are not cold and easy to absorb. They should not drink acidic drinks and liquids, and drink more boiled water, Once the acid reflux food flows back into the mouth, you should drink some water to gargle.